Woodbastwick Staithe

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Woodbastwick Staithe

Location Map

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="52.691432" lon="1.470752" type=satellite zoom="16" width="740" height="650" selector="yes"> (C)52.691764,1.471374, Cockshoot Dyke /Cockshoot Dyke\ Cockshoot Dyke Cockshoot Dyke is a short walk down a board walk from Woodbastwick Staithe (W) 52.695015,1.46704, Woodbastwick Staithe /Woodbastwick Staithe\ Woodbastwick Staithe (west side of river) </googlemap>

Woodbastwick Staithe

Woodbastwick Staithe is immediately opposite the Ferry Inn in Horning although there is no direct road access between the two, because of the river! In previous years, there has been a ferry service across the river, originally from in front of the Ferry Inn, however, in 2009 it was run by Freedom Boating Holidays - at this time we do not know if it will be operational in June 2010.

Good views of the race can be had from the staithe, although it is likely to be full of moored boats.

Cockshoot Dyke

The only access to Cockshoot Dyke is along a wooden boardwalk from Woodbastwick Staithe, but it does give a different view of the race.


There is limited parking at Woodbastwick Staithe, but the access is down a narrow winding road and not recommended for larger vehicles!

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