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River Cruiser: Wandering Rose (2008)

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Posted by Graeme Salt, 2nd June, 2008

Technical Info.
Craft:Wandering Rose
Class:River Cruiser
Author:Graeme Salt


Wandering Rose shoots Acle Bridge

Ramming Slantendicular amidships before the 5 minute gun had even gone wasn't quite the 3RR start we'd planned.

I mean to say, Slanty didn't even have the decency to sink!

But seriously Steve, you were very good about it.  I hope I can maintain my composure in similar fashion if it ever happens to me.

I'll gloss over the details of the race itself.  The highlights:  using the force to slalom up to Ludham Bridge and back without hitting anything; shooting Acle on the way down with (nearly) nothing going wrong; finally getting the bl***y topsail back up near Upton after Robin repaired the jackyard lashings underway; the sail across Hickling and back down Candle Dyke; and just the general good humour amongst the crew even through the frustration of the last stretch before the finish.  The lowlights:  the aforementioned collision with C at the start; being two starts late - thanks largely to the plastic bathtub full of pirates; breaking the gaff jaws and boom gooseneck (thank goodness for gaffer tape) on account of a bit of a memory lapse at Potter; and taking forever to tack past the moored boats at the Ferry and New Inn against the ebb.

We were actually back in the lower reaches of Horning by about 10.30, and there were still people drinking up in the Ferry as we went past - but we just could not negotiate the trot of moored boats outside the New Inn.  Having tacked back and forth in figure eights for about an hour with the lights of the Swan in view, swapping to the smaller jib eventually did the trick and we finished at 01.20 - last in our start, but 41st overall which is our best ever result.

I want to thank the Crew - Robin, David and Paul, plus Phil and John - for helping to make the race the fantastic occasion that it is for me, and underlining the fact that it really IS the taking part that counts.  And thanks to Richard for creating the Norfolk Broads Forum, without which I wouldn't have even met half the crew!

And "Pizzalover", see if you can make it back next year.  You never know, the celebratory finishing Chardonnay may even be in the Swan!

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