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River Cruiser: Waif (2011)

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Posted by Malcolm Duffield, 18th April 2011

Technical Info.
Class:River Cruiser
Author:Malcolm Duffield

THE 3 RIVERS RACE 2011 - Preparation

As usual the best intentions to start work on Waif before Christmas fell by the wayside.

First of all she was not lifted out until early December, put to bed and then with the snow, cold and a busy period at work meant that I have only just started.

I know last year that Waif needs a new plank, having had to fill it last season. As with most things as soon as I scrapped her down and started digging more and more rot appeared, including part of the deck. It seems to be all on the port side.

So it is off with everything, no not me the boat. The fittings are off and so is the lino. I decide that the cabin roof has to come off as well as I need to access the plank easily. The question now is do I take the opportunity of changing the cabin roof?

Progress is slow because something called work is getting in the way of the repairs.

Will she be ready for the season. Who knows, watch this space for more updates and possibly some pictures.

Waif in the 2010 race

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