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River Cruiser: Waif (2008)

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Posted by Malcolm Duffield, 1st June, 2008

Technical Info.
Class:River Cruiser
Author:Malcolm Duffield


3RR 2008 Waif3.jpg

That's it for another year. Well at least the wind was better for longer this time around.

The Start

Off at 11.50 with Slanty and got ahead of him for a little while.

Decided that whatever the wind/tide we would do Lower Bure mark first. Briefing very helpful telling us that the lower mark would be "somewhere below Acle Bridge". The wind eventually came, but not until after we had done South Walsham first. Decided against the Ant as too many of the big boys had gone to play up there, and there was not a lot of wind either. South Walsham, then to Acle and Stracey Arms (about 4pm). Wind and tide with us. Turned the mark and headed back up. Got stuck on a lee bank and struggled to get off for a little while. Back through Acle Bridge at about 5 or 6 (last year it was 10.30 pm).

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Off to Hickling

Off then to Hickling. Bit of a beat to get on the broad and then it was a great sail to the mark (8ish) and then back down. Had time to eat. Chef prepared Plumrose hotdogs and pot noodle. Still it was hot and there!

Back to Potter by about 9.30. Had the company of Rogue and crew down to the Bure.

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Homeward bound

Homeward bound, well almost. Eventually found the mouth of the Ant (I'm sure that someone moved it up river). Beat and not much wind so a long time to get there (about 1.00 am). Good sail back down the Ant and at last we are homeward bound.

Wind goes, trees get in the way, tide against us, no early finish for us then.

As we crept for home we went past Rogue, Perfect Lady, Slantendicular, Myrtle the Turtle and a few other who could not make way against the tide.

Managed to get as far as Southgates before deciding that we would go backwards and forwards getting nowhere fast for about an hour. It is so frustrating as home is in sight. Eventually get past the New Inn and race for the finish (everything is relative).

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The Finish

Get the finish gun at about 07.05.30, so an improvement of some 4 or so hours from last year. Provisional 73rd.

Great Cooked breakfast (thanks HSC) and home for a few hours shuteye.

Now going back to Waif to put her to bed.

BIG BIG thank you to Colin and his team of volunteers for another excellent race this year. When do the invites come out for next year????

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