Spectator Pauline Purcell 2006

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Spectator: Pauline Purcell (2006)

Posted March 2007


Just to show that I am not always hopeless, this should be called 'Pauline saves the day' We were moored up at The Swan, waiting to see the Three rivers race start. Everything was rafted up about three deep & the crews were taking on necessary 'supplies' before the start. There was a Norfolk Punt behind us with a cheerful crew. I guess they had borrowed the boat because they were discussing from the lawn of the Swan, how to lower the mast.

One of the lads was on the punt and experimentally detached the forestay from the A frame to see what would happen... There was a sudden 'I could do with some help here!' and we all looked round to see him hanging on to the forestay, and losing the fight as the very tall mast began to go. There was a mad scramble across the two cruisers rafted inside the punt and now there were four or five men hanging on to the forestay.

I stayed behind to grab some 3mm braid that I always have hanging about and set off with it. They all pulled like hell and I lashed the forestay tightly back to the A frame. 'That's got it, you can let go now.' I said. 'Is it ok?' asked one. 'Er..; said the forestay loosener, 'it's held together with a bit of string...' I wonder how they got on at Potter...

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