Spectator Paul Edwards 2008

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Spectator: Paul Edwards (2008)

Posted 2nd June 2008

Reading these write-ups and looking at the great pics that have been posted has helped me understand more why the rag & stick brigade enjoy what they do so much.

Never having been in a "Sailey" (too old and too many aches ‘n pains now) I had never quite understood why anyone would want to put so much energy and effort into what us motor boaters consider THE most relaxing way of cruising the Broads. But now?  Well I can’t help but think we are missing out on something.

Shooting the bridges, coming through backwards, sideways, risk of grounding, planning tides and course, too much wind, not enough wind, NO wind. Men overboard, navigating in the dark - after viewing some of the shots, how on earth any of you ever get out of Horning without capsizing is beyond me and must take great skill and a lot of courage.

Although exhausting, what an adventure it must be to take part, I will make sure I am at next year’s race to grab some shots and cheer you all along.

Huge Respect Guys 'n Gals, as I say, I know nothing about sailing but I do now understand more the excitement and thrill you all feel when out on the rivers.

Many congratulations to the organisers and all those that took part in this year’s 3RR. If I had been there I'd have been cheering for Team NBF, they did Norfolk Broads Forum proud!

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