Spectator Keith Furbank 2009

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Spectator: Keith Furbank (2009)

Posted 1st June 2009

So I'm guessing that the starts being 5 minutes apart are to ease congestion at the start. The important thing being what time you start as opposed to it being imperative that the start happens to the exact second? Also probably explains why there is a 15 min break halfway through the starts.

Sorry for all the leading questions, but again I watched the 3RR from The Swan for the first half of the starts, then onto The Ferry, then onto St Benets, then Stokesby, back to Acle Bridge and finally Potter bridge. As last year I left the boat safe in its berth and drove from place to place. Again it was very interesting to watch all the action from the bank. The only one bad thing about the whole day was the abysmal start of, I think it was, the sixth set of starts.

All motor boats were being asked to go up river slowly whilst hugging the right hand bank. Good advice although it was tricky due to the wind pushing people onto HSC and various private moorings, made even worse by the slow speed. Cue one hireboat who came up river past the Southern Comfort to be confronted with the general swarm of boats all jockeying for position for the next start. The hire boat ended up stopped across the dyke because there was no clear path through and a lot of boats just in front of it. The hireboat stopped and held station waiting for a path through when the gun was fired for the next start. Complete chaos broke out and the hire boat tried its best to go backwards, but it was always going to be in the way. Several boats clipped each other and the hire boat. As the 15 minute break then followed why couldn't that start have been delayed by 5 mins followed by a 10 minute break? or even 1 or 2 minutes? whilst the hire boat was allowed to clear the start line?

I would imagine the stress levels went through the roof in the hire boat. Sadly quite a few in front of the HSC seemed to be enjoying the spectacle.

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