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Best Locations
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Spectator Information

This section includes information intended to assist those who plan to visit the area and see the race.

The Best Locations page has a map indicating some of the more popular sites from which to see the race. Further information on nearby car parking, suitability for wheelchair access, etc, is welcome. Please post your comments on the Forum or contact one of the editorial team.

The Programme page is planned to indicate where to obtain the official programme for the race. If you enjoy watching the race you are encouraged to buy one.

The Boat Recognition page has links to Craig Slawson's excellent Boats of the Boards database and should help you identify the various kinds of boats you are likely to see taking part in the race.

The Where to Stay page provides links to local hotels, bed and breakfast and holiday cottage companies which you might wish to use as a base when visiting the area to see the race.

In the History section, the Spectator Views page, which provides links to reports from spectators of previous races, may also be of interest.

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