Spectator: Sue Hines 2010

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Spectator: Sue Hines (2010)

Posted 7th June 2010

2010 – 50th Anniversary year

Spectator Sue Hines 2011This year we decided early on that we would find a position on Fleet Dyke as we were aware that the race mark would be near the public moorings and, as in the previous year, sadly not on South Walsham Broad.

The wind was forecast as being very light but as the race morning progressed, the wind seemed to pick up a bit. The first boat down Fleet Dyke was sail number X1 (classed as a Dinghy), closely followed by RK2 (a Reedling) and Wayfarer number 9617 – then things started to get really busy!

Getting busy at Fleet Dyke

It was a straight run down to the mark, round it, drop the token in the basket, shout the race number to the guard ship and then a straight run back. We had put out some red and white bunting on our boat to celebrate the occasion and a number of competitors mistook us for the guard ship, shouting out their numbers but were very good humoured when we pointed out that the guard ship was another 100 yards on!

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A couple of river cruisers kept the guard ship team busy, after they cut too close to the mark, sending the tokens flying into the water to be retrived by fishing net!

Hunting for tokens

There was a steady stream of boats coming down the dyke throughout the afternoon, with a lull around teatime but after dark further small groups glided by, particularly between 11.30 and 12.30. They still had a small amount of wind and were a mix of river cruisers, Yeomans, Norfolk punts and Wayfarers. We could see navigation lights appearing out of the gloom, with frequent glimpses of sails by torchlight as wind direction was checked by competitors. We stayed awake until nearly 1.00 am to cheer a friend on but woke to hear heavy rain in the night which no doubt would have kept the remaining competitors awake!

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