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River Cruiser: Slantendicular (2008)

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Posted by Steve Law, 1st June 2008

Technical Info.
Class:River Cruiser
Author:Steve Law
River Cruiser, Slantendicular (385), approaches South Walsham

I'm in awe of the reports I’ve read so do you remember all these details???? Maybe it's senility sneaking in but I just have a big blur of a pretty good run, punctuated by some high (or low) our coming together with Wandering Rose even before the start (goodness those bowsprits are big and sharp and ugly when they're coming at you)....only cosmetic scuffs, put it down to honourable battles scars - it always amazes me why there isn't more of that with over 100 boats milling about in 200 yards of river. No harm done, no ill feeling, just one of ‘dem tings’.

Then there was the dinghy with 2 ladies at the South Walsham buoy who went under our bows on what looked like port tack and then gave us filthy looks as if it was our fault????? maybe they were still upset about that at 0400 at Southgates which may explain why they got in the way on port tack again - not that I'm miffed (much!) at having to spend the next 2 1/2 hours there unable to get through the melee.

In defence of my finish at 0716 as against my forecast on 0300 to 0400, we did get within 600 yards at the right time! (and was anyone else brave/foolish enough to make a prediction???)

Huge thanks to the Team who organised the whole event again (lovely breakfast, thank you!), not forgetting the troops on all the guard boats and safety boats (except the lady on the (BA?)RIB who passed us along the Bure on the way home with the biggest brightest white light showing and blinding us all - hardly a great contribution to safety although I'm sure it wasn't intended, just thoughtless.)

A blur of happy moments, saying Hi to the spectators who shouted, with apologies to the loads who we simply didn't see ... Hi to Greg C who we passed above Potter, us homeward bound, he still with Acle to go for - hope all went well, Greg, much respect for tenacity.

I think my partner enjoyed her first (hopefully not last) 3RR - obviously the tranquilisers worked. Maybe when we all have caught upon sleep she will consider it for next year, but many folk are still in the 'never again' loop - but they'll be back 'cos it's a great event.

Thanks to my brill crew Rob and Kelly, who got more out of Slanty than she knew she had in her - even though we had a silly 2 hours going backwards at Southgates, see above!!!!

Thanks to Toby, his Mum and the paperwork team, thanks to Danny's Guv'nor for holding the rain till after the finish. Commiserations to both Nav & Gen boats, stuck fast for hours in mid-channel halfway to Hickling (when WILL the BA get to grips and dredge properly???)

Off now to catch up on the pics and stories....

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