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Recommended Viewing Locations


There are a number of locations where you can watch the race without being on a boat - to find out more about each of the viewing locations, click on the respective flags on the map below.

NOTE: There are many sections of the rivers which are accessible by public footpaths - these are not indicated on the map below because their views may be obscured by riverside vegetation, since the footpath is usually on the rond or flood bank. For accessible routes the public footpaths are marked on Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 maps.

A list of all the available location pages is given at the foot of this page.

Map of the Three Rivers Race Route

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="52.6868" lon="1.564178" type=map zoom="12" width="740" height="650" selector="yes"> (H)52.703747, 1.464272, Horning (start/finish) /Horning\ Horning Swan Corner by the Sailing Club acts as both the start and finish lines. (W) 52.694853,1.467018, Woodbastwick Staithe /Woodbastwick Staithe\ Woodbastwick Staithe (west side of river) Ferry Inn, Horning (east side of river) (L) 52.698845,1.509805, Ludham Bridge /Ludham Bridge\ Ludham Bridge This is also the location of the River Ant Mark (B) 52.687423,1.520426, St. Benet's Abbey /St. Benet's Abbey\ St. Benet's Abbey (S) 52.672798,1.506114, South Walsham Dyke and Broad /South Walsham Dyke and Broad\ Fleet Dyke and South Walsham Broad This also acts as a mark on the main broad. NOTE: unfortunately the dyke and broad are not marked on
GoogleMaps, switching to 'satellite image does show them (A) 52.648961,1.56774, Acle Bridge /Acle Bridge\ Acle Bridge (P) 52.710195,1.582375, Potter Heigham /Potter Heigham\ Potter Heigham (T) 52.687446,1.550381, Thurne Dyke /Thurne Dyke\ Thurne Dyke and Thurne Mouth (S) 52.638317,1.590893, Stokesby /Stokesby\ Stokesby Note: under certain conditions, this can be the furthest point downstream on the Bure. (M) 52.714979,1.606321, Martham /Martham\ Martham 52.741228,1.572762, Hickling Broad Mark /Hickling Broad Mark\ Hickling Broad Mark The furthest point up the River Thurne (U) 52.662905, 1.56126, Upton Dyke /Upton Dyke\ Upton Dyke (S) 52.622747,1.604347, Stracey Arms /Stracey Arms\ Stracey Arms Note, under some conditions, the fleet might not venture this far downstream. 52.633115,1.621685, River Bure Mark /River Bure Mark\ River Bure Mark Dependant on conditions, this is the furthest point down the Bure that the race ventures. </googlemap>

  1. The flag show the initial letter of each site, hover over or click to get the full name
  2. Zoom in and drag to concentrate on a particular site

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