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Programmes and further information

Cover of 2008 Race Programme

The Race Programme

In recent years Horning Sailing Club has produced a race programme as an "opportunity to raise funds" for the club.


Typically, the programme contains a mix of articles about the race, on topics such as its origins, the classes of boat that compete, interviews with race personalities, a map of the course, tide times for race days, and a number of schedules. These include the starters (including skippers, classes and sail numbers), trophies, past winners and "guard ships" (including names, locations and crews), plus, of course, descriptions of the club, its junior section and the race committee.

Raising Funds

Funds raised from the sale of the programme are always earmarked for good causes within the Club, usually the junior/training sector.

We encourage all spectators to buy a copy. It's the least you can do after enjoying the spectacle of the race and you will be helping to ensure that there are new sailors learning their craft so ensuring a long future for the race.

Where to get your Copy

Strangely, for a document that the club depends on for fund raising, its site made no mention of the programme until our editors offered to sell the programme for the club. Although, in 2010, our offer was declined their site was then updated to confirm that a programme would be available. For 2011 we are hoping that the club will tell us where the programme will be available and as soon as we have the information we will publish the details below:

Before the Race

Before the race the programme may be obtained from the following local shops and stores: (Information awaited!)

Race Day

On Race Saturday sellers wearing this years Race Shirts will be at the following venues at the times indicated:

  • Horning (Green/Swan/Staithe) 00:00-00:00 (Full information awaited!)
  • Horning (New Inn waterfront) 00:00-00:00
  • Horning (Ferry Inn waterfront) 00:00-00:00
  • Ludham Bridge (Gate to footpath) 00:00-00:00
  • St Benets Abbey (River Bank or car park) 00:00-00:00
  • South Walsham (near Bondon's yard) 00:00-00:00
  • Potter Heigham (Bridge) 00:00-00:00
  • Acle (Bridge) 00:00-00:00


Cost: £0.00 (Information awaited!)

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