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River Cruiser: Moss Rose (2008)

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Posted by Chris Duke, 6th June, 2008

Technical Info.
Craft:Moss Rose
Class:River Cruiser
Author:Chris Duke
River Cruiser Moss Rose (86) making for the South Walsham mark

Here is a brief report from Moss Rose (affectionately known as Mossy!). I met with the skipper at Cox’s Boatyard on Friday pm. We set off and had a great sail down the Ant, through the bridge and a cracking sail the other side as well - we met with the other crew member (my uncle) at the Staithe and Willow for a pre race tactics meeting. (OK, it was dinner with far too much beer, but we did talk a lot!)

The morning dawned windless, great! Mossy likes a bit of a blow to get going but the wind started to pick up so we thought it would be ok. I won't bore you with all the sailing details but needless to say we had 2 collisions, one at the mark on South Walsham where a mate of mine sailed into us on port whilst we were on starboard! The other occurred on the way back up from the bottom mark. This guy in a dinghy just sailed straight into the side of us. No real damage but we now had a fairly annoyed skipper - still the rum calmed him down! Getting back into Horning at 11.00pm, but not finishing until 3.10am was depressing.

The highlight came when we were running back to Thurne mouth when we were having a sing along with the other boats around us, a limerick competition ensued and there was just such a nice atmosphere – it’s one of the best parts of this whole event! I echo others’ comments about the organisation, really was excellent! I am not sure yet if I will do it next year - this was the 15th time, and I always said I would do it 15 times then no more! We shall see.

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