Marsh Ringlet 1982

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Yare and Bure OD: Marsh Ringlet (1982)

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Posted by Ande Thurgar, 1982

Technical Info.
Craft:Marsh Ringlet
Class:Yare and Bure OD
Author:Ande Thurgar

I did the race only once and that was in 1982. I really only remember that it started in the afternoon and as the starting gun went so the rain started!!! It kept it up all night and when the sun came out finally at 6am the next morning we celebrated by running round the decks! I went in Yare & Bure No. 67 with my brother, David Thurgar, and Edward Hornagold. I'm not sure where we came but it was nowhere in the medals! We got back about 9am-ish I think. We went straight to Stokesby and then Hickling and the short legs on the way back. It was dark when we came into the bungalows at Potter and because he couldn't see the bridge in the dark David got ready really early and held the ropes off the cleats for ages before we finally got near enough to lower. By that time his arms were aching so much that he just let go and mast, boom and sails just fell down, barely missing my head!!! I just remember being cold, very wet and very little wind over night.

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