Marsh Ringlet 1981

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Yare and Bure OD: Marsh Ringlet (1981)

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Posted by David Thurgar, 1981

Technical Info.
Craft:Marsh Ringlet
Class:Yare and Bure OD
Author:David Thurgar
Marsh Ringlet

This is Yare & Bure No. 67 which, at the time of this race in 1981, was owned by Chris Thurgar, who bought it from Ralph Moore (sadly now deceased). Ralph Moore had changed the name of the boat from Golden Jubilee to Marsh Ringlet as apparently Golden Jubilee had a ‘bad sailing reputation’. The boat was later sold to Mr Richardson, who changed the name back to Golden Jubilee.

The registered skipper for the race in 1981 was Trevor Balls, who now sails a Waveney One-Design and the crew (who all skippered at some point during the race) were Trevor Cave who now sails a Broads One-Design and David Thurgar who now sails a Waveney W33, who remembers that they finished around 35th or 39th.

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