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The melee at the start of the 2018 race

Click here to see the first boat on to Horning Straight Saturday Night in 2017

The Three Rivers Race is, for many, the premier sailing event on the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads. It is organised by Horning Sailing Club and run usually on the first Saturday in June.

The 2018 race will be held on 2nd. and 3rd. June

Please post your Photos and Reports from previous years in the Forum.

This web-site aims to bring or link together all the current information about the race since its first running in 1960. It is aimed at three distinct audiences, Competitors, Spectators and Historians of the race.

Ask questions about the race and share your experiences, photos and videos of the race via our Forum. We also welcome competitors wishing to maintain a blog about the race. See the Forum page for details.

The site is managed by a small group of Three Rivers Race enthusiasts. If you wish to become involved in developing the site further, or have ideas that you believe would enhance the site, please contact one of the Editorial Team. It is not associated with the Horning Sailing Club's official web-site.

The official Three Rivers Website run by Horning Sailing Club can be found at

The website is recovering from a serious failure, most of the site is working, but bear with us while we correct the sections which are not working!

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