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How to Enter

The Application Pack

Newcomers seeking to enter the Three Rivers Race will be sent an application pack. Those who have taken part in recent races are normally invited to race again, and should not need to request the application pack.

The pack will include the following Documents:

The Invitation Letter

This summarises key points about the race, including

  • The deadline for applications
  • Key race rules
  • Trophies that require notification of qualification before the start of the race
  • Availability of Race Merchandise
  • Encouragement to use the Sponsor's Insurance services

Notice of Race

A more formal document that includes further basic information:

  • Rules governing the race
  • Entry Rules. These include:
    • By invitation only
    • Only Cruisers may carry crew under 16 years old (They must also be older than 12)
    • No animals are allowed on board
  • Types of acceptable craft. This bans:
    • Multi-hulled boats
    • Craft under 12ft or over 45ft
    • Single handed crews
  • Skipper's responsibilities
  • Entry fees
  • The required Entrants' Disclaimer
  • The course
  • Full list of Trophies

Application Form

The Notice of Race makes clear there is no right of entry. So completing the "Application Form" is, in reality, simply to let the organisers know that you have a suitable boat and crew ready to take part should they choose to invite you.

The one difficulty that newcomers may face with their application is that those who have not previously skippered in the race are required to provide a signature of a Flag Officer, or suitably qualified person, to sponsor your entry.

On the back of the form there is space for you to order race merchandise.

The form must be returned by the closing date, with a cheque to cover the entry fee and any merchandise. This is normally in the third week of April.

Cheques are not normally cashed until the invitation letters are dispatched.

Obtaining the Pack

To obtain an Application Pack use the following e-mail address:

We were asked to remove snail mail and telephone numbers but these are available on the club's advert for the race on the Green Book site.

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