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Historical Information

This section of the site deals with past races.

Currently, lists of starters and schedules of race results are only available for some years.

The pages for Competitor Logs, Organiser Notes and Spectator Views contain reports and anecdotes submitted to the site or re-published here with the author's permission.

Anyone who has more historical data about the race is encouraged to contact one of the editorial team so it can be added to the site. Those who have blogs or made posts to web forums and public mail lists about their part in past races are requested to give permission for that material to be added to this site. You may also ask to join the editorial team so you can add your own recollections of the race directly to this site.

See also the Links page where you can access information from external sites including articles from the local and boating press about the race as well as the recollections of competitors and others. Finally, don't ignore the site's Forum where you can ask questions. Hopefully, someone will be able to provide an answer.

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