Acle Bridge

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Acle Bridge

Location Map

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="52.644287" lon="1.567183" type=satellite zoom="15" width="740" height="650" selector="yes"> (B) 52.648999,1.567698, Acle Bridge /Acle Bridge\ Acle Bridge (H) 52.641612,1.565981, Hermitage (mooring) /The Hermitage (mooring)\ Hermitage (mooring) (H) 52.640871,1.557763, Hermitage (public house) /The Hermitage (public house)\ Hermitage (public house) </googlemap>

Acle Bridge

Acle Bridge is a second location after Potter Heigham Bridge where it is necessary for the crews to lower their masts to pass under the bridge. There is good viewing from both sides of the river upstream of the bridge and downstream of the bridge at the Bridge Inn. This is the only convenient parking, which again is for patrons only.

The Hermitage

The public house is not near the river, but the mooring is accessible via a path to the north of the Acle Dyke mooring complex. The only parking is again at the pub, but for patrons only

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